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If you’d like more information about our award winning product – our BPA-free non-aerosol The Ideal Mister – the oil mister sprayer that lets you

  • Put the lightest amount of oil exactly where you want it for cooking your favorite meals
  • Add flavor precisely where you want it in the dishes you serve
  • Use infused oils, vegetable oils, nut oils, olive oils and more
  • Mist instead of spray so you don’t have oil all over your kitchen
  • Use air pressure instead of high pressure aerosols with their chemicals and smell

and stop wasting excess oil over soaking your food or pouring it down the drain or wiping it off your pans

… please visit www.TFLnow.com/mister
.. OR visit our online store at www.thefinelifeshop.com
to see all of our products!

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